The appearance of your products and/or packaging is materialised by graphic elements in two dimensions or three dimensions (designs).

Their appearance and aesthetics are the result of significant human and financial investment that you need to protect and enhance.

At Gsmart-IP, we understand that every visual creation is unique, and we are committed to providing customised solutions for each client. Our collaborative approach and attention to detail enable us to meet our clients’ specific needs and support them throughout their design protection journey.

Thanks to this expertise, our teams can provide relevant strategic advice before any filing is made, according to a rigorous methodology and process:

Defining the DNA of a design: This first stage is essential for developing the filing strategy and understanding the originality of the design.

Advice on filing strategy: We advise you on the filing strategy and determine whether a prior design search is necessary.

High-performance search tool: We have a unique search tool that scans design filings, publications and archives to fine-tune our strategic advice on protecting your designs.

Knowledge of specific requirements: We have in-depth expertise in specific requirements to help you or our designers draw the views you need for filing.

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In today’s creative world, it’s essential to know where you stand in relation to your competitors. Prior art searches allow you to explore the world of designs in depth, providing you key information about the novelty and distinctiveness of your creations.

Using our expertise and unique design search tool, we search similar designs and existing registrations to give you a clear view of how to protect your designs.

This enables you to make informed decisions, anticipate potential legal conflicts and stimulate your creativity by exploring new avenues.

When it comes to protecting your unique creations, preparing a solid filing strategy is crucial to meeting the requirements of the various offices.

Our team has particular expertise and competence in design law to support you in this process. We work closely with you to understand your objectives and devise a tailor-made protection strategy. When you wish to register a design, we ensure that every detail is taken into account. In particular, designs supplied by you can be adapted/modified by our designers to maximise the chances of design registration in your countries of interest.

We take care of all the administrative aspects so you can stay focused on your creativity.

From preparing the necessary documents to submitting them on time, we ensure that your rights are protected without hassle.

In a world where ideas circulate rapidly, it’s crucial to keep a watchful eye on how your creations are used. Our monitoring service is your protective shield.

With the right tools and an experienced team, we track down possible infringements and unauthorised uses of your designs. If a problem arises, we inform you quickly so that you can take the necessary steps to protect your rights.

Gsmart-IP looks after your interests, so you can have peace of mind and concentrate on your creative work.

Your design rights can be infringed by a competitor ! When this happens, we are ready to take action.

Enforcing your rights can take the form of legal or administratve actions and negotiations.

You can count on us to assert your rights with strength and determination.

Assessing the protection of your design

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