How we work



Each stage of our work methodology requires close collaboration with our clients as business partners to ensure that the proposed protection strategy matches their specific needs and objectives.

1. Preliminary analysis

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• Understanding the customer's needs and objectives.

• Assessing existing intellectual property and identifying opportunities to strengthen protection.

• Identifying the intellectual property assets (patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, etc.) that need to be protected.

2. Competitive review and risk management

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• Carrying out in-depth research and analysis to establish an overview of the market and the competition.

• Identifying the potential for conflict.

• Proposing solutions and adapting the protection strategy.

3. Development of a personalised protection strategy

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• Developing a global strategy for protecting intellectual property.

• Defining the sphere of protection and selecting the relevant jurisdictions.

• Preparing and submitting applications and following registration procedures.

4. Maintaining, monitoring and enforcing rights

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• Monitoring deadlines and renewals to maintain intellectual property rights.

• Monitoring legal developments.

• Responding quickly to breaches and disputes by putting in place an appropriate legal strategy.

5. Developing and exploiting intellectual property assets

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• Adapting the strategy in line with market developments and new customer needs to ensure ongoing, relevant protection.

• Exploring opportunities for commercial exploitation of the customer's intellectual property (licences, partnerships, investments, etc.).

• Supporting and advising customers on how to manage their rights effectively.

Our methodology applied to designs

GDS (Gsmart-IP Design services)

Explore the horizons of originality with our unique design search tool!

Gsmart-IP has a unique tool capable of quickly and objectively comparing thousands of designs, enabling you to find out the state of the art and whether your design is protectable and/or is at risk, given the state of the market and design registries.

Do you have any doubts about the originality of a design?

Our design search tool works by scanning vast databases, online resources and specialist references to compare your design with potentially thousands of other existing designs.

We then carefully analyse every aspect, every detail, to determine whether the design is truly unique or has similarities with other pre-existing designs.

We know how to evaluate the originality of a design on a legal standpoint.

Our design search tool is essential.

The technology of our tool is based on a very precise keyword search – combined with image recognition – , which gives you reliable results and clear answers to find out about prior art and check the originality of your design.

By using this tool, we carry out detailed and precise prior art searches, enabling us to verify that your designs are new and original in order to ensure FTO (freedom-to-operate) and avoid the risk of disputes as well as to determine the protectability of your designs. Also, we identify the DNA of new designs and decide on the types of visuals to file.

Evaluate the protection of your design