We help our clients to enforce their rights against misuse, countrefeit, imitations of their innovations and brands.

Advice and litigation : get expert legal advice to prepare a legal strategy in commercial and intellectual property disputes. We are here to defend your interests.

Cease-and-desist letters : make your voice heard and demand that your rights be respected. Our targeted, hard-hitting cease-and-desist letters assert your intellectual property rights and prompt immediate action.

Infringement action : don’t let counterfeiters take advantage of your intellectual property (trademarks, designs, patents, copyrights, etc.). Take dynamic and rigorous legal action to enforce your intellectual property rights and obtain fair compensation. We can also help you in investigations and negotiations.

Unfair competition and parasitism : vigorously combat unfair commercial practices and parasitism. We act decisively to protect your business and preserve your competitive edge.

Coexistence agreements : turn trademark disputes into opportunities for collaboration. Our expertise enables you to negotiate and conclude favourable coexistence agreements for the peaceful coexistence of trademarks.

UDRP proceedings and actions online : defend your brands and creations against misuse and counterfeit on the internet, social media and apps. Win your domain name disputes with our specialist assistance in dispute resolution proceedings under the rules of the UDRP. We are here to defend your online identity.

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