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Opt for our cross-disciplinary skills, IP audit, start-up pack, brand watch, etc. We offer customised solutions to optimise the management of your intellectual assets and maximise their value, while anticipating legal risks.

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Portfolio audit

The intellectual property portfolio audit consists of evaluating, analysing and optimising all your intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, copyrights and know-how. This in-depth audit provides a complete overview of your intellectual property portfolio and enables you to make informed decisions to maximise its value. Here are the benefits for you :

Assessing the strength of your portfolio: our team of experts carries out a thorough evaluation of your intellectual property portfolio to determine its strength, consistency and compliance with current regulations. We identify any gaps, risks and opportunities for improvement.

Optimising resources: thanks to the portfolio audit, you can identify under-utilised or undervalued intellectual property assets. We help you to reallocate resources effectively by focusing on key assets with high potential, thereby optimising your investment and maximising returns.

Risk management: the portfolio audit helps you to assess the risks associated with your intellectual property, such as potential litigation, infringement of your rights or the possible violation of the intellectual property of others. We provide you strategic recommendations to mitigate these risks and protect your assets.

Alignment with your business objectives: we take your business objectives and strategic priorities into account during the portfolio audit. We help you align your intellectual property portfolio with your objectives, whether they are geographic expansion, new product development or competitive positioning.

Gsmart exclusively offers a preliminary audit to all those who wish to evaluate their trademarks, designs and patents portfolios. This preliminary audit will enable us to better understand your specific needs and to propose a tailor-made approach for the complete audit of your portfolio.

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Financial valuation

Financial valuation in intellectual property is a complex process that involves estimating the economic value of intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, copyrights and know-how. Valuation is essential for a number of reasons:

Informed decision-making: when you know the financial value of your intellectual property assets, you can make informed decisions about exploiting, transferring or monetising them. This allows you to optimise the management of your IP portfolio by aligning your strategies with solid financial data.

Asset valuation: financial valuation quantifies the value of intellectual property assets, which is essential for establishing an accurate valuation of your business. This can be particularly relevant in transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, fund-raising or partnerships, where the value of your IP assets can have a significant impact on negotiations and results. Furthermore for tax reasons, it is essential to know the value of intellectual property assets before transfering these to third parties.

Legal protection: when it comes to enforcing your intellectual property rights in court, a solid financial valuation can strengthen your position by demonstrating the economic importance of your assets. This can influence the court’s decision in your favour in disputes relating to counterfeiting, unfair competition or other infringements of your intellectual property rights.

Strategic management: financial valuation of intellectual property enables you to make strategic decisions regarding the allocation of resources and the development of your intangible assets. You can identify under-utilised assets or potential growth opportunities, enabling you to implement optimal valuation and exploitation strategies.

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Start-up Pack

Are you developing a new, bold and innovative idea?

It’s important to protect and promote your work/innovations right from the start.

An intellectual property strategy is essential to stand out from your competitors and reassure your investors.

Our intellectual property experts can provide you tailor-made support to alert you of potential threats and help you seize development opportunities !

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Contract strategy

Contract strategy aims to establish solid contracts between the various players involved, such as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and commercial partners, in order to protect your intellectual property rights and maximise the value of your creations.

Our team will support you as business partners from the contractual strategy to drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts as well as to managing contract disputes.

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At Gsmart-IP, we believe that intellectual property is a powerful asset for businesses and individuals. That’s why we’ve created a customised introductory programme to help you master the basics of intellectual property, relevant to your business.

Whether you are a growing company or an independent entrepreneur, our dynamic approach provides you the key knowledge to protect your trademarks, designs and inventions. We guide you step by step, giving you the tools so that you have the basic knowledge to understand and manage your intellectual property.

Trust Gsmart-IP to give you the keys to succeed in the field of intellectual property.

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Your creativity must not be compromised! It is essential to protect your ideas and prove their originality. In the event of a dispute, it is important to prove the prior date of your creations and provide concrete evidence.

With our time-stamping service, you can do this easily and efficiently. This service enables you to create a digital trace of your innovation and creation processes, using the Bitcoin blockchain and national time-stamping authorities.

Whether your digital assets are large or small, in a variety of formats, you can quickly record them online to prove their existence, ownership and evolution in real time.

All notarised data will remain completely private, thanks to a unique layer of cryptography. These certificates attest to the existence and precise status of your files at a given moment.

Don’t leave your creations open to doubt! Use the Blockchain for seamless protection and unquestionable validation of your precious digital files.

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