Contrats de propriété intellectuelle

Contracts are essential tools for protecting your rights and maximising the value of your intellectual assets.


Our team of legal experts can guide you in all aspects of intellectual property contracts, including :

Licence agreements : we draft licence agreements that define the conditions under which your intellectual property rights can be used by third parties. We work closely with you as a business partner to ensure that the licence agreements protect your rights and maximise your commercial opportunities.

Assignment agreements : we negotiate and draft assignment agreements for intellectual property rights, enabling you to transfer your rights to third parties securely while protecting your interests.

Confidentiality agreements : we write  confidentiality agreements (also known as non-disclosure agreements, NDA) to protect your confidential information and trade secrets in the context of partnerships, collaborations or negotiations with third parties.

Collaboration agreements : we can help to prepare collaboration agreements, whether for research and development projects, strategic partnerships or joint ventures, to clearly define the intellectual property rights, responsibilities and obligations of each party.

Franchise agreements : if you are involved in a franchise business, we can draft for you solid franchise agreements, ensuring that your intellectual property is protected while laying the foundations for a mutually beneficial relationship with your franchisees.

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