A patent is a title that protects a technical innovation. An inventive product or process can be protected by a patent.

Gsmart-IP has engineers and European patent attorneys who can help you protect your inventions (drafting applications and defending your rights).

A patent gives the holder an exclusive right to use an invention for 20 years. Patents demonstrate a company’s capacity for innovation, add value and make it easier to find investors.

Our teams will put in place a patent filing strategy that will enable you to promote and secure your invention in the best possible way.

A patent may be filed in the name of one or more natural or legal persons. The applicant is the owner of the patent.

Our teams will take care of your patent filings and advise you on the filing strategy to adopt.

To be patentable, an invention must meet the following 3 criteria: novelty (no prior disclosure), inventive step and industrial application.

Gsmart-IP ensures that the 3 patentability criteria are met before proceeding with any application.

Before any application is filed, the state of the art must be checked to ensure that the invention is patentable. Once this analysis has been carried out, the patent application can be drafted. The application can then be filed, bearing in mind the need to prevent any pre-filing disclosure.

Our engineers and European patent attorneys are here to protect your inventions, by drafting your patent applications in order to give you the best chance of having your invention granted. so that you have every chance of your invention being granted.

Prior art searches make it possible to identify, in the field of your invention, published patent literature and non-patent literature likely to describe features of your invention.

Our engineers carry out these prior art searches to ensure that your invention is inventive and to identify any potential risks of infringement of existing rights.

The patent may be maintained in force for a maximum of 20 years. After this period, provided that the annual instalments are paid each year, the patent falls into the public domain, meaning that the invention it protected is no longer protected and can be freely exploited by anyone.

Gsmart-IP makes sure that your current patent annuities are paid on time and that your territorial designation strategy is in line with your needs.

The best way to monitor innovations related to your company’s sector of activity is to set up a monitoring programme. This monitoring programme enables you to keep an eye on competitors or aspects related to your innovations. Setting up such a programme will enable you, in particular, to keep abreast of innovations developed by your competitors, so that you can be on the lookout for potential counterfeiters.

Gsmart-IP works with you to find out which competitors and/or technical innovations you wish to monitor. We can also monitor your patent applications/patents. Gsmart-IP can send you a report at the frequency and in the format you require.

In intellectual property law, a trademark is defined as a “sign” used to distinguish the goods or services of a natural or legal person from those of other natural or legal persons. This “sign” may take the form of a word, a name, a slogan, a symbol, etc. or a combination of these elements.

At Gsmart-IP we work with you to define the nature of the sign to be registered in order to ensure the widest sphere of protection and the best chances of registering the trademark.

First come, first served! Registering a trademark gives its owner an exclusive right to its sign, in a given market, and therefore to distinguish itself from its competitors, to add value to its creations, to constitute a source of tangible income and to increase its credibility with third parties, in particular investors and customers.

Gsmart-IP will take care of registering your trademark in relation to your products and services, in your countries of interest.

Any individual or legal entity (company, association, etc.).

Our teams of trademark experts will help you to ensure that your trademark filing complies with the requirements in each of your countries of interest.

Among the criteria for validity, the trademark must first and foremost be distinctive (no banal or generic signs), it must be lawful and must not be misleading or contrary to accepted principles of morality.

Our teams will advise you on the choice of your sign as a trade mark in order to limit refusals to register by the Offices.

Before registering a trademark, it is necessary to ensure that it is available, to determine the products and/or services that will be offered by the trademark and to define the desired geographical coverage for the trademark.

Gsmart-IP prepares specific and relevant product and service descriptions in line with your needs and activities and assists you in choosing your countries of interest.
Trademark clearance searches :
  • Prevents you from investing in a name that you are not free to use
  • Ensures that the proposed sign does not infringe prior rights
  • Warns you of any identical or similar prior trade marks already registered that could prevent you from using and registering your trade mark
Our teams conduct searches in the trademark registers of 195 countries worldwide and advise you on the chances of successfully registering your trademark.

A brand is protected for 10 years from the date of filing. It may be renewed indefinitely every 10 years. A trademark must be used to prevent it from lapsing.

At Gsmart-IP, we manage these deadlines for you and inform you of the customary obligations specific to each jurisdiction.

You can be alerted to any new brand that are identical or similar to yours and monitor a market or the trademark activities of a specific competitor.

At Gsmart-IP, we put in place monitoring programmes that enable you to defend your brand and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

If an identical or similar trademark & yours is registered, designating goods and/or services of the same nature, you can take action to have the trademark withdrawn.

At Gsmart-IP, we have a dedicated legal team to help you defend your rights in the pre-litigation phase (letters of formal notice, oppositions, coexistence agreements, etc.) and the litigation phase.

Design is a product’s identity, which is crucial to its positioning in the market. In intellectual property law, a design protects the appearance of a product or part of a product: its shape, lines, contours, colours and texture.

At Gsmart-IP, we understand that the appearance and aesthetics of a product are the result of significant human and financial investment that must be valued and protected.

Your product is new and not yet known to the public, and you don’t want your creation to be copied and used without your consent. The advantage of registering a design is that you obtain a registration certificate that confirms your rights, protects you from counterfeiters and enables you to defend yourself in the event of an attack by a third party.

The Gsmart-IP team is trained to carefully analyse your product and determine the elements that give it originality and require protection.

Any PA or legal entity (company, association, etc.) can register a design. The product designer, if not the applicant, must be identified.

Gsmart-IP helps you define a protection strategy that matches your needs and your budget, based on what you want to protect, when and in which countries.

Certain criteria must be met to register a design:

  • New
  • Originality
  • Does not contain only purely technical features
  • Respect for the law, public order and accepted principles of morality
Gsmart-IP will advise you on the type of design registration to be carried out, respecting and anticipating the legal provisions applicable in your countries of interest.

Before filing, you will need to determine the product or parts to be protected, check the validity criteria and prepare the necessary reproductions.

Gsmart-IP has a network of skilled professionals to help you prepare the drawings or views required for filing.

A third party can go to court at any time to challenge the novelty or originality of a design. A prior design search is therefore a necessary preliminary step to check, before filing, that there are no previous designs likely to destroy the novelty and originality of your pre-existing design. The search can also be useful in litigation proceedings, to establish the anteriority of a competitor’s design.

Gsmart-IP has a unique tool capable of quickly and objectively comparing thousands of designs, which makes it possible to determine the state of the art and whether a design is protectable and/or whether the proposed exploitation is risky, given the state of the art on the market.

A registered design is protected for a minimum period of 5 years, renewable every 5 years for a maximum period of up to 25 years. The maximum period of protection varies from country to country.

We can help you keep track of the procedures and payment deadlines for renewal instalments to ensure that your design remains valid.

As the owner of a registered and protected design, you can prevent any third party from using it, offering it for sale, manufacturing it or importing it into the territory in which your design is protected. You can also take action against a third party whose product incorporates the main protected features of your design. Finally, your registration certificate will be very useful when dealing with customs authorities.

At Gsmart-IP, we have a dedicated legal team to help you protect, monitor and defend your rights by monitoring the market and acting quickly if your rights are infringed.